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Faceted Citrine Necklace With Golden Hills Turquoise And Opal


One of a kind, I hand selected 40 faceted AAA citrine gemstones and wrapped each one by hand with recycled sterling silver wire. 89 carats of soft golden color, fit for a queen.

I searched through my 10+ year old gemstone collection and selected a flawless genuine AAA herkimer diamond quartz as an accent stone. It weighs 3.9 carats and is incredibly beautiful. A large nugget of Golden Hills turquoise adds soft color. Both of these stones are wrapped in sterling silver wire. The finishing touch is a golden opal from Ethiopia. Flawless in quality, it weighs just under 2 carats. I wrapped this gemstone with solid 14k yellow gold wire.

Citrine is one of the few stones that never needs cleansing. It dissipates and grounds negative energy and is a stone of protection. It can be worn to cleanse chakras and protect your aura. It brings balance to the wearer. It's sometimes worn to enhance concentration, abundance, and increase energy. These stones are magical.

Genuine Herkimer quartz is a powerful stone. Don't be fooled by lesser stones that are mined in other places and sold as herkimer quartz. This quality of stone can be worn to stimulate clairvoyance and clear chakras. They can be used to access past life memories and help you to discover your life's purpose.

Rotating lobster clasp closure.
19.5 inches long.
One of a kind.

Handcrafted in Tennessee.
Your purchase will arrive beautifully wrapped.

Original design by Dawanna Young.
Peaces of Indigo
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